The Devils Heart

The Devils Heart


Hell is where the Devil leaves you

When the Devil leaves you wanting,

When each night leaves you breathless

And each memory is haunting

Every waking dream you suffer

When the suffering leaves you gasping,

Hell is where the Devil leaves you

When the Devil leaves you wanting.


Each touch will sear your tender flesh,

Reveal your grinning bones,

But each time you awaken

You will awaken quite alone

With nothing but the bruising

To remind you what you’ve done,

How you begged to shuck your willing flesh

And offered up your bones.


Your body will betray you

Though your mouth will yet belie,

Despite the arching of your spine

And the trembling of your thighs,

But you know the war is over

When the Devil meets your eyes,

When your mouth begins confessing

What your body can’t deny.


You will pass the nights in sorrow

Fruitless hope and fervent prayer

To break the bonds that bind you,

And the love that binds you there,

Love for the Beast that stalks you

Claws entangled in your hair,

As it bears your throat and worships

Desperate love and futile prayers.


The Devil tests and tries you,

She will bend you til you break

And if your soul survives the trial

It’s your soul the Devil takes,

But one sweet kiss could turn the tables

Could make the Beast become your mate

If you rise up from the ashes

It is the Devil’s heart you take.

(EJM 2013)


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